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ARTHYLENE is the combination of Deep-Learning and Augmented Reality technologies, which allows the recognition of fresh products exposed in the sections of supermarkets, food stores or warehouses. Through this technology, using conventional electronic devices, -Mobile or Tablet-, or other more specific such as Augmented Reality glasses, the user will obtain in real time detailed information of the product that is being viewed.


The user of the Arthylene technology can access complete information on each of the products identified by the device, in the form of a synoptic sheet, which allows you to consult product characteristics, management recommendations and product conservation (in store, warehouse). or in the customer’s own refrigerator), presentation of merchandise in store, commercial arguments for active sales processes and even cross-selling recommendations or recipes that can be tested with these products and recommend to customers.


The manager of the section can design quickly and easily the presentation of products in any furniture in the store. Subsequently, the staff visualizes the disposition of the products in real time through augmented reality. This allows to accelerate the process of organization and presentation of the merchandise. This module will incorporate recommendations associated with basic merchandising rules in future versions.


  • Reduce unwanted product losses. Arthylen recognizes the maturity level of each exposed reference. It recognizes if the scanned product has suffered damages (blows, fungus, …). Recommends in real time if that product should be kept for sale or removed.
  • Reduces the learning time required by a worker in a fresh product section. It helps the user to identify each of the references of a section. It facilitates in real time information on the same: characteristics, presentation in store, conservation and arguments of sale. All in the workplace. No need to move to a classroom.
  • Help to organize the products exhibited in the furniture by previously designing virtual templates (planograms).
  • Helps to control the compliance of the daily procedures of management of a section by the managers and supervisors of stores or warehouses.


Project in collaboration with 44Screens.


360º Panoramic, 3D/2D Resources, AR, Concept Art, UX Design