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Napoleon and the 1st Empire


The Napoléon, le Grand Paris app, for smartphones and tablets will offer visitors the opportunity to visit Paris in a different way, based on a character as a unifying link to visit more than 100 tourist sites in Paris and Île de France referenced, Napoleon he puts himself in perspective as the narrator of his private life.


Therefore, they can include the self-proclaimed emperor in the Palace of St. Cloud in 1804 and his coronation in the heart of Notre Dame de Paris, likewise, the Tuileries, the Castle of Malmaison, the Palace of Versailles and Chateau de Fontainebleau They show an active political life. Reference is also made to places of private life under the Emperor and Empress Josephine de Beauharnais and Maria Luisa of Austria. This historical and geographical perspective is enriched by the places that trace its military glory: Arc de Triomphe, the Vendome Column and many museums. Finally, look at the history of the First Empire implies a reminder of the founding entities that operate under the consulate. Therefore, Parisian architecture and urbanism will echo the Île-de-France destination.


The electronic passport allows each user to create and retain his visitors, his career, his travel diaries, photos, videos. In addition, visitors can share application proposals on social networks and with other users of the course.


Each user can customize their stay. Therefore, a specially designed algorithm will manage its course. The destinations will be sorted and referenced according to criteria related to the profile, limitations and characteristics of visiting the places of interest.


All the facts presented in the application have been validated scientifically and historically.


Project in collaboration with 44 Screens.


360º Panoramic, 3D/2D Resources, AR, Concept Art, mobile app, Napoleon, Paris, UX Design