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Historic Village of Mortain


Mortain is a village located in the area of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The objective of the Mortain Tourist Board was to create an innovative tourism product that would reveal the wealth of the town. The objective is also to benefit from the tourist benefits of Mont Saint-Michel.


The history of Mortain covers the time of Count Robert, brother of William the Conqueror until the Landing with the battle of August 1944. It is a land marked by conquests and dotted with buildings of remarkable religious buildings.


An original concept conceives the town as a life-size game board whose visitor is the hero. He has to help the goblin, a mischievous character, in his quest to find his world of legends.


The application takes all the codes of the RPG with a search, an evil character, tests and an end of adventure that varies according to the stages achieved. One of the challenges was to create a story that would bring together real stories, stories and legends, big events like the D-Day Landing and more local anecdotes. In addition, the tourist office wanted to install works of art with which the application could interact. This is how the creation of the character Ribwold was born, a goblin who lives in the land of Mortain.


Ribwold has lost his wonderful things over the centuries and is tormented by the Blugule joker, to get there, he will have to climb the rock-cut paths, decode mysterious enigmas, orient himself in the landscape and be guided by history among the medieval archeology and autobiographical stories …


The Gobling of Mortain is available through tablets made available by the Mortainais tourist office, as well as Google Play and Apple Store.


The project was carried out by:

  • The study of 44Screens: design, project management and software.
  • Biplan Agency: 3D modeling and animations.
  • Polymorphe design: studies and tips to make the tour accessible for people with reduced mobility.
  • The Univ’ArchÈo laboratory of the University of Picardy: historical research.
  • The company Narrevasion: script writing
360º Panoramic, 3D/2D Resources, AR, Concept Art, UX Design